A bit about our way

At BitOBite, we believe that health and healthy relationships are as much a part of the fabric of our daily lives as the food we eat. With thoughtfully crafted BitOBite goodies, we hope to revolutionize your experience with snack time, each time!

It’s our promise, a genuine promise to bring about a snacking revolution, a promise to not compromise. Just the very best ingredients. Full of wholesome nutrients. And always packed with flavour.

Made in India

BitOBite takes great pride in its wisdom of creating a collection of bite size edibles for your enjoyment. Each variety of snackable beverage includes a variety of ingredients, all selected for the unique characteristics that they lend to each specific food item.


Long before we were absorbed by our zeal for healthy living and enabling people to make wise choices, we set out our journey as dynamic individual entrepreneurs, each excelling in our fields of profession.

It was love for appreciating the flavour of that last bite of a gujarati snack as well as a common habit to snack on a handful delectables that got us together.

We are enablers who love food, value relationships and thrive on emotions!

We are perfectionists, exercising best practices and grounding our day-to-day work in transparency, consistency and quality.

We nurture relationships with our customers, partners, vendors and every individual we inreact with